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Midwest Winter Nationals Blackout Test

The 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals will be broadcast live from the Gordyville U.S.A. Arena in Gifford, Illinois from Thursday through Saturday, January 17-19.

Due to broadcast restrictions imposed by the facility, the event will not be viewable in real-time by devices located within a 100 mile radius of the arena.

To experience the pay-per-view broadcast from a mobile device that will be located outside the blackout area during the event, you must enable “Location Services” (iPhone: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Switch to On / Android: Settings > Location > Switch to On). The pay-per-view cannot be seen on a mobile device with Location Services disabled. Please do not contact Tech Support with this issue, as this requirement will not be waived.

Once Location Services have been enabled, you can test whether your device can view the event by visiting]. If you see the 2019 Winter Nationals logo, your location and settings will allow you to view the stream in real-time. (Keep in mind that this test result is only applicable at the time of testing. Relocating the device to within the blackout area or disabling Location Services before or during the broadcast will still cause the stream to fail.)

If you do not see the “2019 Winter Nationals logo” in the video player, here are some additional steps to try:

  • View the desktop version of the broadcast page. (iPhone: In the Safari browser, with the mobile version of the broadcast page visible, tap and hold the Refresh icon or pull down on the screen to reveal the “Request Desktop Site” option. / Android: In the Chrome browser, choose the “Desktop site” option in the main menu.)
  • In test, Google Chrome browser in desktop mode worked on all tested devices. Please install/use Google Chrome. Google Chrome Download

You are encouraged to test your connection and settings by visiting

Thanks for your interest in the 2019 Midwest Winter Nationals pay-per-view broadcast. Enjoy the event!

-The Midwest Winter Nationals Broadcast Support Team

Quick Fixes:

  • Refresh your browser page
  • Restart your web browser and only have one tab open. This will fix many issues.

  • We recommend Google Chrome browser for the best viewing experience. Download Google Chrome Here

My video is stuttering and stalling:

  • Check that your download speed, recommended 1 Mbps
         Test your internet download speed here: Internet Speed Download Test
  • If below the recommended speed: 
    • If you are on WiFi, switch to hard wire connection.
    • Disconnect all other devices from the network.
    • If none of the previous suggestions work, restart all of your network devices (modem, router, switch, etc.).

My audio is stuttering and stalling:

  • This happens when your internet is having issues and the audio gets "out-of-sync".

  • Refreshing your browser sometimes fixes it, but often the browser needs to be restarted completely.

  • This problem is a known bug with ALL Apple devices when live streaming.

Problem getting past the login page:

  • This happens on some smart tv web browsers, try another browser or device.

  • This can also happen with the Safari browser, please try another browser like Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome Here

How do I Reset my Cleeng password:

How do I access my Cleeng account:

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